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All aboard the Good News Train!

The Good News Train is the only Spanish vacation Bible school program that is originally written in Spanish and available in both Spanish and bilingual formats. The all-inclusive digital VBS program, available via digital download or USB drive, contains everything you need to plan, promote, and produce a Spanish VBS event—no supplemental purchases necessary!

Perfectly adaptable to any setting and program size, The Good News Train engages children (ages 3–14) and adults in themed Bible lessons, memorable music, and age-appropriate activities. The simple program is a wonderful outreach tool, whether you’re hosting a Spanish VBS at your church or during a mission trip.

Theme Overview

Traveling on the Good News Train, five friends set out on a mission to get to know people on five continents, sharing how God sent His Son, Jesus, to free us from sin and give us eternal life!



Lesson 1: Jesus Frees Me and Sends Me

The demon-possessed man from the Gerasenes
(Mark 5:1–20)

That the participants enjoy their salvation in Christ and His sending


Lesson 2: Jesus Quenches Our Thirst

Water from the Rock
(Exodus 17:1–7)

That the participants would quench their thirst in Jesus


Lesson 3: Jesus Picks Me Up and Holds Me Close

Jesus heals a man with leprosy
(Matthew 8:1–4)

That the participants might enjoy and share Jesus’ friendship


Lesson 4: Jesus Gives Me Health

The healing of Jairus’ daughter and of the woman with bleeding
(Luke 8:40–56)

That the participants would celebrate the health attained in Jesus


Lesson 5: Jesus Satisfies Me

The widow of Zarephath
(1 Kings 17:8–16)

That the participants would satisfy all their needs in Jesus


Encourage the whole church to get involved! Vacation Bible School is a wonderful opportunity to invite new families into your church and reach out to your community.

Choose dates that best work with the host church pastor’s availability and do not conflict with other community events and school schedules. Keep in mind the weather, too, if you plan to be outside.

Prepare a budget to help you stay on track financially. Consider organizing a fund-raiser or two, asking for donations, or charging a small registration fee.

Start asking for volunteers early. Junior high and senior high youth make great volunteers, and VBS is a good way to involve young people on a mission trip or teens from the local church at your mission site! Be sure to share the goals of the event with your volunteers and coordinate responsibilities with their interests and abilities.

Set up a promotional team that’s willing to make personal invitations, call families with children, and set up an information table at the church.

Remember to factor in time for early registration, training for your teachers and volunteers, and preparing snacks for the children and volunteers during your event!

Planning and promoting a VBS is a big time commitment, but it’s an excellent outreach event and an opportunity to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to children and families. God’s blessings as you plan your VBS!


VBS Program

Image of downloadable items and USB caede.
The VBS program is completely downloadable.
No physical printed materials are available for purchase.

Your all-inclusive digital VBS program contains everything you need to put on a Spanish VBS—no supplemental purchases necessary! Available via digital download or USB drive, the VBS program includes the following:

  • Printable materials
    • Lesson plans
    • Student lessons
    • Lyrics and melody lines of 8 songs in Spanish and English
    • Invitations, flyers, and attendance certificates
    • Adult Bible studies
    • Closing program
    • 5 full-color posters, one for each day’s Bible story
    • Full-color promotional poster
  • Songs, accompaniments, and narrations for each day (narrations in Spanish only)
  • Songbook and promotional material created with PowerPoint®, graphics, and more


All music is available in Spanish and instrumental versions. The audio is not available in English.

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